Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ecliptic Rift's Flash Fiction Friday: Nebulae

Ecliptic Rift is hosting a weekly prompt for fiction from the EVE-Online community. Below is my contributuion for the latest prompt: Nebulae

Graveyard Nebula

Sister Gehlt stepped onto the observation deck of the Megathron Navy Issue Seeker.  The deck was empty except for her and Admiral Mearthenal, as he had promised.

“Thank you, Sister Gehlt, for joining me.  I wanted to share with you our current status, as we are here in support of your mission.”

“Thank you, Admiral Mearthenal, for inviting me.  It is comforting, having your fleet as an escort here in Amarrian space.”

Admiral Mearthenal nodded in agreement and continued, “As you can see, we've arrived at Nebula YRT-890 and have deployed thee of our four scanning detatchments..  They have been busy getting into position around the nebula and planning their probe deployment.”

Sister Gehlt nodded in understanding.  The graphics disply the admiral had on one of the observation windows clearly showed the nubelua at 107 AU wide by 63 AU deep and 14 AU high.  Yellow dots massed at the edge of the nebula marked the position of his 240 ship fleet.  Blue dots showed the positions of the scanning ships spread about the edges of the nebula.  Around each blue dot was a cluster of white dots, obviously representing support and defense ships assisting each scanner ship.

The admiral continued, “My communcations officer tells me we are ready to deploy probes and begin scanning the nebula.  We'll receive real-time updates here.”

Sister Gehlt stood quietly as a series of green dots emerged and scattered across the nebule.  Nearly clear blue globes around each green dot showed scanning ranges.  Within a few seconds the green dots had arrived at their destinations and started scanning.  Results of finding began to trickle in.

32 returns...
67 returns...
183 returns...
1,749 returns...
6,561 returns...
9,462 returns...

Sister Ghelt sighed a heavy sigh.  “Are you sure they are all general freight containers, Admiral?”

“Yes, they are.  Our scanners are set to filter out everything else.”

“Then it would seem the reports were true.  Holders have been dumping slaves that have tried to claim their freedom.  Dumping them here to die.  Dumping them because if they can't keep them, they'd rather kill them.”

“It is fortunate then that Empress Jamyl was serious about her decree of freedom and allowed the Sisters of Eve to investigate.  I suspect this will result in a.....Sister, I'm receiving reports of container time codes from 9 months to just a few hours old.  We may have survivors to rescue.”

“Admiral, please do all you can do to rescue them.  Hopefully the Graveyard Nebule won't be the final chapter for everyone brought here.  And hopefully Empress Jamyl will write the final chapter of the Holders responsible for this genocidal act.”

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