Monday, April 19, 2010

Ecliptic Rift's Flash Fiction Friday: Deep Space Scanner Probes

Ecliptic Rift is hosting a weekly prompt for fiction from the EVE-Online community. Below is my contribution for the latest prompt: Deep Space Scanner Probes

“...your chances of finding a system that big are pretty small.  And even if you do, just pop out several combat probes or regular core probes.  There's no need for a deep space probe.”

The rookie wished he hadn't mentioned he was considering sinking twelve training days in Astrometrics V just to use deep space core probes.  Now the veteran pilot wouldn't stop talking.

“If you want to train Astrometrics to five, by all means go ahead, but it is a waste just to say you can use a deep space probe.  If you're going to train it, then go for being a real prober and train all the other probing skills to five.  Training only Astrometrics to five is stupid.”

The rookie couldn't argue with the veteran's logic, but he didn't want to vest that much time in training for probes.

“Deep space probes are for stupid people.  Its more probes to carry, more probes to load, more launching and recalling, all while you are being hunted.  Its no good.  But if you want to spend 12 days to find that out, go ahead.”

The rookie wanted to argue back, but he didn't dare.  What could he say?  That he just wanted to train for something new to break up the boredom of polishing other skills to five?  No way.  He knew he'd look like some sort of grade school kid wasting this veteran's time.

“It would be much better to get into a specialized probing ship.  Spend your time on that.  But not on a stupid deep space probe no one uses.  Got your tech 2 drones yet?  Got your gun skills maxed?  Those will save your ass more than some stupid deep space probe.”

The rookie sat there quietly staring at his NeoCom, pondering why he'd thought deep space probes would be a good idea.  He removed Astrometrics V from his queue and added Surgical Strike V.

The veteran, sensing he'd got his point across, finished the rest of steaming drink and tossed the cup in the trash.  “I got that 'Gedden build ready for you.  Let's go fit one up and see what you can do with it.”

The rookie shot up out of his, seat glad to be free of veteran's lecture, eager to get into a new ship, and happy he hadn't blown his chance of remaining under the watchful eye of the veteran.

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